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How to Navigate a Language Barrier


By: Vincent Ventura Especially when traveling, foreign language is an invaluable tool. Communicating in the host language allows you to save time and frustration plus unlocks the cultural secrets from the people and language itself. What happens though when you ...

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Cultural Distance: Behind The Gaza Conflict


By: Mariana Souza Cultural differences that prevent communication and understanding between people within the same borders, people that are geographically close, happen more than often. People usually think of “nations” as geopolitical classifications, but in reality it is referred to as ...

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5 Roman Street Food Secrets

5 Roman Street Food Secrets

By: Vincent Ventura There’s no better way to embrace a culture than by sampling some street food – you will never have a cheaper, tastier, or more authentic meal. In a country notorious for its lengthy meals and relaxed pace, ...

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