2014 LTLN Summer Interns are Here!

Hey Fellow Language Enthusiasts,

We’re proud to announce our 2014 Summer Intern Writers! You’ll notice around the site that new articles have been popping up with some new names, we’d like to take a moment to introduce our newest staff members and to give them an opportunity to tell you a little about themselves!


Pola Papadopoulou


Pola Papadopoulou
Hey guys! My name is Pola and I am a 23 year-old girl from Greece. My love for languages, travelling and finding out about new cultures sprung up while studying for my BA in English Language and Literature. Now, as a Master’s student living in Sweden, I am always searching for new passageways to escape into the world and do one, or all of the things, that I love doing; teaching English, discovering new places and immersing myself into new cultures and languages. I am a firm believer of the view that learning a language opens up a new window to a culture and allows you to get to know it in a more profound way. Writing is another way of doing the same. It requires research and knowledge to write about anything and what I hope to achieve through this internship is enhancing my interests and finding new ones. I want to share everything with the readers and I really hope you are on board and enjoy!


Victor Sanchez


Victor Sandchez
Ciao everybody, My name is Victor. I am twenty-two years old and I recently finished my graduate research abroad in Italy. I was born in Puerto Rico to a bilingual family and, because I have always been speaking both English and Spanish, I have slowly fallen in love with other foreign languages. As a freshman in college, I visited Europe for the first time and spent a semester in Florence instantly falling in love with the city and the people who live there. Since then, I have visited Italy many times and have studied the language and the culture extensively. I am really excited to start writing about my experience with other cultures and other languages and hopefully begin exposing this rich culture to many readers. Through writing in this blog I hope to expose all the great treasures that can be found in Italy and maybe even inspire some of you to visit.


Felicia Meadows


Felicia Meadows
My name is Felicia Meadows and I am a Creative Writing Major at the University of South Florida. I am an avid reader and writer. I also harbor a love for editing and being creative. Through writing I hope to help people, either through helping their writing or conveying new ideas to be enjoyed. Languages and what they can teach us about a country’s culture has always fascinated me. There is so much we can learn through a country’s language.


Vincent Ventura


vincent ventura
Eight years ago, I started studying Italian language. Today, I am just as infatuated as the day I started- every savory syllable. My name is Vincent and I am a rising senior at Villanova University. After a summer binge-eating gelato and a semester tripping on cobblestones in Rome, I learned so much not only about ​”​la dolce vita​”​ but myself. My appetite for travel comes mostly from an empty stomach, a thirst for adventure, and the desire to broaden my perspective. As a student traveler. I can’t wait to share my experiences, advice, and recommendations from Italy and beyond!


Sherry Zou


Shengyong Zou
“Learning is a lifelong process and you don’t stop until you get there”. My name is Sherry and I am passionate about learning new languages because the process has elevated my life to another level of fulfillment and personal development.


Nikita Mandhani


Nikita Mandhani
Nikita is a writer and blogger based in India. She is passionate about all things travel and food, culture and lifestyle and has an affinity for different countries and their incredible languages. She quit her monotonous Software job recently to discover a place for herself in this huge world. She finds her solace in writing, reading, travelling and dreaming. She wants to make it big someday and go on myriad expeditions all over the world. Ah! The diversity drives her crazy. And at the end of it all, she says: ‘Traveling, that’s the keyword. And yes, writing too.’
To have a look at her blog, click here:


Mariana Souza


mariana souza
As I define myself, I am a 17-year-old freelance explorer from Rio, Brazil. Throughout the years, I’ve developed a profound interest about different cultures. I am an avid traveler and learner, and studying abroad opened my perspective about what I want to do in life. Or better, how I want to explore life. Because of my passions, I’ve decided to pursue a major in International Relations with a minor in Journalism. Through my studies and experiences, I hope to cross the borders of cultural differences to help people achieve a sense of unity and love.Through my writings, I expect to share with you the wonders of leaving your comfort zone and stepping out into the World and how it can be a rewarding experience.


Caroline Clarke


Caroline Clarke Headshot

As a self proclaimed francophile from a small town in Texas, I am setting out to find the best the city of lights has to offer. Follow me as I wander the streets of Paris in search of the best macaroons, cafe au lait, shoes, and more! I am a junior at the university level. As a business major with an emphasis on English I hope to combine writing and business. I will be taking business classes at the American School of Business in Paris, France. I am trying to live like the locals, and find some hidden gems!

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