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Relaxing at a bar in Japan with friends

Relaxing at a bar in Japan with friends

In this site I have meticulously crafted what I believe to be the best way to learn a language, both by instructing you in my logic and reasoning behind my techniques as well as giving you my best beginner and advanced techniques; all for free. I have done this because I know that once you read my material and see language the way I do, you’ll see the value of what I have to say and buy my full program to receive the full benefits of my years of studying.

But let me tell you a little about myself. In high school I was a fanatic of languages, scouring Borders(R.I.P.) after school everyday trying to find the best textbook, the best way to learn Spanish or French or Japanese (or whatever I was studying at the time). I’ve poured over countless books, methods, teachings and always yearned for more. In the end I was unsatisfied. I was unsatisfied with my high school classes, my teachers and what everyone had settled on as being the ‘best’ way to learn a language. I thought it was outrageous, I spent a month learning French over the summer, and was able to skip two YEARS of high school French. What a joke!

I’ve spent years investigating the academic world for a solution to my problem – why are language programs so expensive, boring and have so many useless exercises? Why are high school classes and traditional methods so inefficient? After many, many, product purchases, consulting with my language professors and doing some serious field work in various countries I have come up with my own personal theory on language learning which I have presented to you in the form of this website. If you are truly a beginner, start with Beginner’s Corner! If you are more interested in my theory and why I believe my techniques to be better than everyone else, then read my Basic Principles. If you’d like to dive right in and learn some really nifty techniques, go the Advanced section! And of course if you like what you see, please take a look at my language product which I spent many months researching and developing using real customer feedback in order to give you the most bang for your buck.

If you have any questions or comments about my site or my ideas please shoot me an e-mail: Rob@LearnThatLanguageNow.com

Thanks and good luck to you on your language journey!
– Robbie (Founder and Writer)

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  1. Hola Roberto,

    So I retired early and want to become proficient in Spanish, Italian and French so we can start traveling when my husband retires in 2 year. when I buy your book and I get specific techniques on how to learn all languages. Which programs do I buy to actually teach me the specific languages. We were planning to buy the Rosetta Stone programs for those three languages, but after reading your comments, I have a lot of doubts. I will buy your book, but I also need your recommendations on which language programs will teach me these languages quickly and accurately.

    Muchas Gracias,


    • Hola Lila,

      My book does not give specific instructions on which programs to buy but instead gives a method as well as tips, tricks and techniques to get you learning a language faster no matter what you are doing to try to learn it. I think if you are interested in so many languages, you will definitely want to take a look at my book to help turboboost your studies. Since you retired early, you should have plenty of time for studying!

      • Hi Robbie,

        Do you have any recommendations on a DVD based or computer based language program that is better than Rosetta Stone? I don’t want to learn it with books (I will end up not doing it). I need a Rosette Stone type of program that has everything I need all together and in steps until completion or I will not stick to it.



    • how much is the books .
      I really want to speak English.
      could U pls send ne information.

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