Aida and the Dawn of Immersion

By: Felicia Meadows

Aida, a very popular Spanish sitcom set in Madrid, follows the lives of Aida, her two teenage children and several pesky neighbors. With lots of laughter, crazy plots, and even funnier characters this show is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the Spanish language.

Immersion is the latest technique in learning a foreign language. The belief is that by surrounding yourself in the music and culture of the language it will make the language easier as well as more fun way to learn. In my own experience in learning Spanish this process has rang true.

When I first started my Spanish I class my professor immersed us in Spanish through activities involving music and television shows, one such show being Aida. From that first lesson on I started to watch Aida as a way to practice and immerse myself in the language. Immediately the funny nature of the show had me wanting to fully learn the language but it also made it fun to keep trying to learn.

Most people fear messing up or saying something awful when first starting to learn a language. By using Aida to practice, the funny nature of the show eases that nervousness and even encourages you to explore the limits of your knowledge of the language. Aida even had an episode where Aida’s brother and pesky neighbor decide to learn English to aid in their business adventures. The entire episode highlights the awkwardness and funny nature that comes with learning a new language.

Another positive aspect that comes with immersion is the ability to start to think in that language. By immersing yourself in a show like Aida you actually begin to think and actively use the language making it easier to not only learn but use the language. When you begin to learn a language the first thing most people start to do is to memorize what to say causing a major delay in learning the language. Your mind gets stuck in this endless cycle of taking in what is said and then translating it to respond back in that language.

Through immersion and using Spanish shows such as Aida learning a new language becomes easier as well as fun. The language itself becomes less awkward to learn and allows you to fully enjoy the experience that comes with learning a language. Start using immersion to get a better experience out of learning your new language today.

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