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How To Learn A Language By Watching Movies

Learning a foreign language by watching movies can be a great way to get ahead in a second language and in some cases can be better than “traditional” language learning methods like classes and grammar books! Let’s go over why… ...

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How Do Japanese Kids Learn Kanji

You may be curious about how Japanese children learn kanji in Japan. As you may already know, there are 1,945 government recommended joyo kanji that are necessary to learn in order to read everyday materials like newspapers, magazines, etc. How ...

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Ways To Remember Japanese Characters

I was asked recently some ways to remember Japanese characters. Of course, the Japanese kanji are large in number and it’s quite a feat to remember all 1,945 government recommended joyo kanji. So, let’s go over some tips to help ...

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How Many Kanji Should I Learn?

Often, learners of the Japanese language wonder, how many kanji should I learn? Unless you are an academic or professor of Japanese, you probably don’t need to even learn the government recommended 1,945 joyo kanji. The truth is that these ...

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