A beautiful café in Bali.
A beautiful café in Bali.

Be a Traveller! Tips To Make Your Vacation More Worthwhile

By: Nikita Mandhani

Sometimes, it becomes imperative to move out of your comfort zone, the daily routine, your work and children and family and indulge in another part of God’s creation. You know how you do that? Travel.

It’s such a wonderful thing to discover what different parts of the world behold. But, there is a huge difference between being a tourist and a traveller. Travellers don’t just walk around and see the famous sights of a place; in fact they rummage around, eat the local food, do a lot of experimentation, sense the new destination and try becoming a part of it for as long as they are there. Travellers know what it takes to break free and build those unforgettable stories. That’s why I say, be a traveler!

James A. Michner has a famous quote that says: “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay home.”

This is so true. So, I’ll give you a few ideas that you should open your heart and mind out to and then what you’ll set out for won’t be a trip or a vacation; it will be an expedition, a passage, or an experience.

  1. Allow yourself the time and serenity to experience the place you hop on to. Don’t keep rushing from one end to another. Sometimes it’s important to sense the intricacies that a place has to offer. For that, you should spend some good enough time rather than trying to pack up pretty soon.
  2. Read about your destination but don’t make a set plan for each and every moment. Visit the well-liked places but also allow yourself the freedom to make sudden decisions. Never let yourself get too bound by scheduling every act you do. Work on your impulse, at least sometimes.
  3. Melt in the culture. Why not try and wear something the local people exhibit? Expand your mind’s eye. Be an element of this other world. Make it a part of your culture. Won’t that be a cool experience?
  4. Now, my most favorite suggestion: Eat the local food. Seek as much as you can and it’s okay to take risks. Food helps you connect with a place. So, go to some nice local restaurants and eat. Eat a lot.
  5. Have the knack for making good conversations. You might be on an outing with your closest friends or your lover or your entire family. Yet, take the initiative to meet new people from different parts of the world. Make friends. Talk about their traditions, lifestyle and prior travel accounts and share your part as well.
  6. Learn a few words or sentences of the resident language. Even a language encompasses the culture of a region. If you meet the local people, ask them to teach you handy little words. Try and use them. If you’re too lazy, even two sentences will do.
  7. Walk through the local street and market. Do a lot of walking when you’re somewhere away from home. It helps you slow down to sense the atmosphere and the splendor of a place. It lets you take in the inherent aspects that a place can offer.
  8. Also, at times try to take the public transport rather than the luxurious cabs. Traveling in metro rails and buses makes you well-acquainted with a place. Do it at least once while you’re there. If you get lost or reach the wrong destination, it’s going to be even better.
  9. Explore. Go to lots of cafes, restaurants, pubs or bars. Read travel blogs or first-person accounts of travelers about that place and strive to traverse some of the less known yet magnificent sites. Take unfamiliar routes. Watch the sunrise and the sunset. As I said, explore!
  10. The last marvelous idea on this list is to make yourself familiar with the local art. Check out a few dance or drama performances, read significant literary works and most of all, buy souvenirs that can always take you back to your travel whenever you see them.

So, this time when you design your vacation, make it more worthwhile. Let it become a piece of you. Pack up now and remember my little suggestion: Be a traveller!

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