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2014 LTLN Summer Interns are Here!


Hey Fellow Language Enthusiasts, We’re proud to announce our 2014 Summer Intern Writers! You’ll notice around the site that new articles have been popping up with some new names, we’d like to take a moment to introduce our newest staff ...

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Aida and the Dawn of Immersion


By: Felicia Meadows Aida, a very popular Spanish sitcom set in Madrid, follows the lives of Aida, her two teenage children and several pesky neighbors. With lots of laughter, crazy plots, and even funnier characters this show is the perfect ...

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Learning Chinese in Two Settings


By: Shengyong (Sherry) Zou My name is Shengyong (Sherry) Zou and I identify myself as an Asian American college student studying psychology at St. John’s University. This is my first time writing about my native language, my culture and my identity. ...

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Why I Want To Go To Tokyo


I am drawn to the energy that pervades Tokyo. It is a type of hustle and bustle that does not rob me of my energy like many crowded situations often do. While in Tokyo, I can blend into the crowded ...

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