My Trip To Uganda

Ugandan Food

By: Priscilla Rodgers This trip to Uganda has been so special to me, I’ve traveled to several places but never have I felt so connected to a particular land. I felt part of something larger, part of a warm, supportive ...

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What Comes To Mind When Someone Says France


By: Caroline Clarke What cuisine comes to mind when you hear France? French fries? French toast? French-Pressed-Coffee? Surprisingly, none of those originated in France. Instead, native dishes include escargot and crepes. Escargot is the French word for snails. Yes, those ...

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Why You Should Be a Local Traveler

The Charles Bridge2

By: Vincent Ventura We were sitting on the wall near the Charles Bridge, when we became accidental eavesdroppers. In earshot, a bespectacled old man stops, a young man and woman in tow. They must be tourists based on the map ...

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10 Reasons You Should Travel Solo


By: Nikita Mandhani In Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a sentence that truly has immense power and significance. ‘To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.’ I won’t say the book made me act crazy, because you have to believe ...

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