Does Rosetta Stone Teach You How To Read A Language?

I was asked recently if Rosetta Stone teaches you how to read a language. The short answer is, in a way, yes.

Basically, the way that Rosetta Stone works is by showing you four pictures and then either reading a sentence or word to you or showing you a sentence or word. You then must choose the correct picture that matches the idea or word being expressed.

In this way, you begin to learn to read the language by seeing the sentences and word explained. However, other languages that do not use the roman alphabet like English may be a bit difficult to learn. For example, there is no specific Rosetta Stone unit for teaching you how to read Japanese or Chinese characters.

For this reason, if you are interested in learning a language that doesn’t use the same letters as English, it may be best if you find a different source to learn the written language. In that way, you would be able to learn a lot faster and in a much better way.

Thanks for reading!

– Robbie

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