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How To Choose Your Next Destination And My Next Short Journey to Bruges, Belgium

By: Pola Papadopoulou

I constantly feel the urge to travel. This is the reason I felt I should write this post. Wanderlust has caught me in its net. Many times I catch myself wondering what my next destination should be. This post finds me in Torquay (or Torbay) in UK, and therefore far from home, either Sweden or Greece – I have a lot of them you see. I am here for work and therefore one reason to travel somewhere you have never been before is probably to work there. This step is easier to take when you are young and restless and you feel that you actually leave nothing behind if you go.

There are a lot of opportunities that you can readily access online that give you the chance to work abroad. For me this opportunity was when I came across a vacancy to work for a company I really wanted to as an English teacher. The place was not of such importance to me so long as it was in the UK, because for some reason I desperately wanted to work here. So I just packed my small bag, got on the plane and started my journey. To describe Torquay a bit, it is a small and quaint place and ideal for walks as it is in the South of England and the sea is very close to the town. The people here are very nice and polite as well and the weather, although reflecting England’s general weather which is usually a bit inclement, is also treating me well for my time here, which is basically for a couple of weeks.

Back to the reasons that help you choose your next destination, ranging from three days to three months to three years, I can’t stress enough that studying also provides you this opportunity. For me, choosing to study in Sweden was one of the best decisions I made – even though in one of my articles I feel like I discouraged people to go there; believe it was not intended.

However, the whole process of selection was not a breeze. Choosing to study somewhere is one of the biggest decisions you make in your young adult life and it keeps you until you are a fully formed adult. It is important for your choices to keep you content so that you can enjoy your new destination to its fullest. Studying in Sweden was the result of a variety of factors that actually took me months to gather and examine to make the best of my experience. Especially for your studies you have to go through all of the options that are presented to you, such as the courses offered, the cost of the program, the cost of the life there, the way of life and many, many other factors – it took me months to get there in my head.

Apart from the long-term decisions to leave your nest, there are also the instances where you just feel the need to escape your routine for a few days by going on vacation. How do you make up your mind about where to go for your next days off? A lot of people I talk to think that you need at least a week off to plan your vacation and make it matter. Personally, I believe that you can experience a change of scenery even if you have a weekend available. And I guess that most of us have a weekend here and there in our hectic schedules and I believe that each and every place is worth being seen. In order to see as many places as you can and visit as many countries as you can, the ideal thing to start from is to find the cheapest flights for your designated days. There are a number of different sites that can actually provide information on flights, such as AirTickets, SkyScanner, Kayak, Ryanair, EasyJet, (in Sweden); these are just few of the sites at the top of my head, but Google always proves to be very helpful in such situations. Another site that I find helpful is called and it shows you ways to get from one place to the other as well as the route on the map.

This actual site is one that I used recently when my mother, my aunt and I were planning our next trip. We will be visiting Bruges in Belgium for three days in August and from what I was told this time is great to roam around the city. Our desire to go there popped up in our heads a few years ago, but we never had the time to organize it up until now. So, a couple of years ago we were in the office and we were feeling a bit unmotivated and bored. It was my aunt’s idea to turn on the computer and look for some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Bruges occupied a very respectable number on the list and we were intrigued to find out more; and by that I mean look at some more pictures. We instantly fell in love with the place. It is so picturesque and seems so calm and inviting. In the winter when the snow falls, it becomes a city that could inspire you to write a fairytale as I am pretty sure you live in one if you explore the town. This year, discussing the possibilities of an only-women retreat we decided to plan our trip to the fairytale town. I am very glad for this opportunity to travel to two different places during the summer. Butterflies are dancing in my stomach. If you feel the same way for your prospective trips then you can understand me.

Next time you are indecisive about travelling, please change your mind fast! It’s one of the best feelings in the world and even smelling the air of a new place makes it so worthwhile. Are you still here? Pack your bag and just go!

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