Key 201 – Three Key Ingredients

by Robbie Kunz

Most people at one point or another have taken a foreign language class. A lot of the time, this foreign language class was in high school. Many high schools require that their students take a foreign language class for a number of years in order to graduate.

Usually these classes are taught by a teacher who may or may not be so fluent in the language and who may not be a very good teacher, either. Additionally, these classes usually contain about 20 students, many of whom are not really interested in learning the language in the first place.

It’s no wonder that nearly all of the students who come out of these classes are unable to function on even a basic level in the foreign language.

If you did poorly in high school in your foreign language class, I wouldn’t worry about it. These classes are inadequately designed towards learning a foreign language and the teaching methods are inefficient.

The best way to learn a foreign language is to do it yourself. If you do decide to take a class for whatever reason, it should only be one part of your plan towards your language goal. In this way, you will be using the class rather than letting yourself be subjected to it and its inefficiency.

Even if the method by which you are learning the language is horrible, like in high school classes, whoever has the most interest or motivation in learning the language is going to be the one coming out most proficient.

Learning a foreign language is a big time commitment. One of the things that will help carry you through that time is your interest, passion and motivation for learning your target language. If you don’t have much interest, you will most likely stop or drop out after 30 hours or some other time period and slowly lose everything you had worked for.

On the other hand, if you do have a high level of interest, you will find that learning the language is fun. If you have bought this book, it probably means that you are serious and have a high level of interest in gaining proficiency in your target language.

Three Things

If you want to learn a foreign language in the most efficient way possible, it requires mainly three things. First, it requires a conscious decision to make time for studying the language and the commitment to stick with that decision.

Second, it requires interest, passion and motivation on your part for wanting to learn the language.

And last, it requires a highly effective, efficient method for learning the foreign language that will not waste your study time.

Throughout this quickstart guide I am going to show you how to learn a language by incorporating all three of these aspects in a fun, motivating, and efficient manner. Read on to get started on your language journey!

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