“Made in Italy”

By: Victor Sanchez

Italy is a famous country for the production of well made items and has always been famous because of the great products that they export. Italians are also known for taking their time with things and, sometimes to the American eye, they seem lazy or slow but they see it differently; Italians are very detail oriented and never rush through anything because they believe that making the best product is more important than meeting a deadline. Italian law regulates the quality of many local products. One example is the “Made in Italy” tag. This tag is given to a range of products from food to furniture, to clothing that are all planned, produced and finished in Italy. The brand is well known all around the world and it pairs in popularity with Coca-Cola.

There are a lot of Italian companies that appeal to Americans but most of us don’t come to fully appreciate the importance and the weight of the “Made in Italy” tag. The brand’s objective is to export only the best Italian products to other countries in the world and it collaborates with Italian law to regulate the quality of these exports. Only products that are produced, manufactured and packaged in Italy can be labeled “100% made in Italy” in any language. In Italy, the brand is associated with the four As, and these are considered the biggest four sections of export that the brand tags: clothing (Abbigliamento), food (Agroalimentare), furniture (Arredamento), and cars (Automotive).

Among the more popular brands associated with the fashion tag, we can find Benetton founded in the Venetian region, Armani founded in Milan, and also Fendi, Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Versace. All these companies produce first grade products and make sure that every single clothing item that they export is perfect to the detail. We can see the detail in articles of clothing such as scarves and even accessories like purses and wallets. One of the lesser known companies is Luxottica. The company, based in Milan, produces many different brands of eyewear that are popular in the states like Oakley, Ray-Ban and Persil.

The second ‘A’ is food. Italy is most famous for their food products and so, many companies are associated with the tag, but among the most famous ones we find Barilla that produces great pasta and many different sauces. We also find Illy, a company well known for their coffee beans, espresso and related coffee products. The famous and delicious Nutella is also among the products tagged as 100% Italian.

The third ‘A’ regards furniture, this section of the tag is less known to the world but it produces great products nonetheless. Different companies produce different products and among them are: Alessi which specializes in kitchen products, Artemide which focuses on lighting, and many others such as Cassina, Kartell and Poltrona Frau which focus on the production of high quality furniture.

The last ‘A’ regards mechanical engineering, in other words, cars. Companies such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati are extremely famous all over the world and their products speak for themselves leaving an impression in people and not having the necessity, in my opinion, for much advertisement.

To conclude, we can say that Italian companies create many great products and export them all over the world. Items that come from Italy have always been seen as having a higher quality therefore, all Italians seem to search for that high standard when it comes to their own local products. This happens to such a degree that towns and cities create rivalries. Although many tourists abroad may complain about the lack of speediness in the local restaurant, rest assured, Italians are always aiming for quality and not quantity.

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