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What is Learn That Language Now?

Learn That Language Now is a comprehensive manual that will teach you the tips, tricks, techniques and method to achieve fluency in a foreign language with the goal of learning as quickly and fluently as possible with the least effort. Learn That Language Now was written because all other traditional methods of language learning, including classes, textbooks, audio courses and software programs, were slow, costly, inefficient and used language learning philosophies that were out-dated. Most language resources teach language along the same lines as languages were studied hundreds of years ago: endless grammar syntactical rules and vocabulary lists.

Why should I trust Learn That Language Now?

Learn That Language Now is a time-tested and proven book that produces results. Initially released in September 2007, with no advertising and little promotion, over 1000 people bought the book for full price within 6 months. The response was 100% positive. Every single one of those people who bought the book praised it highly and began learning foreign languages faster than ever before. Again, that’s over 1000 skeptical people who bought the book and ended up giving it their full, positive support because they had found the key to the quickest, easiest, most enjoyable way to learn foreign languages.

Why are you giving this amazing information away?

When I started learning languages 10 years ago, there were a lot of resources out there for learning particular languages but there were almost no resources for how to learn them. Because of this, I had to painstakingly try different methods, books, programs, classes and more to figure out what worked and what didn’t. I looked at every textbook, audio course, computer program, class and language learning method I could get my hands on and tried them all. Through careful study during these 10 years, I began to develop a method that was far more efficient, enjoyable and easier than being taught in a class or using a textbook or any other program. And the best part was, my method was faster than every other language learning resource.

I began to teach a few of my close friends my method and they had considerable success surpassing all of their classmates in their classes and learning thousands upon thousands of words enjoyably and with little conscious effort. They could not believe they had already wasted years of their lives trying to learn languages the old, slow, traditional way. They insisted that I write a book so that others would no longer waste their time, money and efforts in poor language learning pursuits like they had before. Not only did I listen to their requests but I believed in helping others, as well. Nobody should have to spend 10 years to learn the best route. I am not interested in marketing schemes involving a variety of different colored fonts, tricky ‘subscriptions’  and false promises. I have a passion for language learning and helping others succeed in their language goals. This is my foremost goal and this is the reason I have taken the time to write my book so that others can benefit from my labors. I encourage you to take a look at the many articles I have written about language learning and to buy my book if you are serious about learning languages as quickly as possible.

So, tell me about some of the things I’ll learn in your book

Sure, I would be glad to. Here are just some of the great things you’ll learn:

  • I’ve bought grammar book after grammar book and I discovered something I never expected to find in a million years. I’ll explain to you why studying grammatical rules can actually hurt your ability to speak correctly, and what to do instead.
  • How many hours you really need to study before you become fluent. Most people begin learning a language without any idea of how long it will take!
  • Find out why language classes, audio programs, a tutor or immersion program abroad alone will NOT make you fluent. These are the things that language teachers and language program publishers do NOT want you to know!
  • The one most important thing to study when learning a language that should be the basis of your learning… yet traditional methods almost never focus on it!
  • Three motivators that will keep you learning. Language learning takes time and work but I’ll show you these three tricks that will keep you going. Knowing these could be the difference between you giving up and becoming fluent!
  • How to use time management to gain time you never thought you knew for learning languages.
  • The one key to language learning that will enable you to learn quicker and faster than people who are “gifted” at learning languages. I used this very technique in my classes to surpass even the smartest students!
  • How to learn a great amount of language even if your classes or materials are poor and how to get even more out of your classes if they are already good.
  • How to choose the right language for you. Many people make mistakes in choosing a language when they first begin and end up stopping halfway through because of it. Find out exactly how to choose a language and stop yourself if you are going down the wrong path
  • Why your choice in language could mean the difference between an easy ride to fluency or failure (make sure you read this even if you have already started learning a language, it could save you)
  • How to become someone who speaks a language naturally and fluently rather than someone who speaks a language based on having used a traditional textbook or teacher.
  • Why language learning in classrooms is the slowest way to learn a language. I’ll show you how to turn this situation around so that you’ll be learning more and not forgetting any of it
  • How to learn vocabulary so that you will never forget the words again.
  • You can use movies, TV shows, video games, magazines… even reading comic books to become fluent. I’ll show you exactly how and why these materials can teach you faster than textbooks and other language learning programs
  • If you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced in your language, I’ll show you exactly what you can do right now to optimize your learning time and make even more progress in your language than you already have
  • The efficient way of learning vocabulary. Rote memorization of vocabulary lists simply does not work. I’ll teach you the quickest and easiest way to learn vocabulary correctly.
  • How to make foreign language classes, audio programs, tutors and immersion programs abroad work for you. I’ll teach you the secrets of how to use these properly so that they will work for you rather than you being hindered by them!
  • Using the Internet to find native speakers who will happily speak to you in the language you are trying to learn. This can be a powerful help in your path towards fluency! I’ll show you specific programs and walk you through the process of finding people.
…and much, much more.

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LTLN eBookLearn That Language Now – Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently. – $19.97

Now for a limited time only, we are including the LTLN 30 Day Challenge absolutely free!

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Can you show me some feedback about the book?

Yes, I am happy to show you feedback from past buyers. When I first wrote Learn That Language Now, I wanted to do a trial run to see how buyers would react in the real world. I decided to put up copies of the ebook for sale on a popular auction site (I’m sure you can guess which one). As I said before, over 1000 people bought the ebook. As part of the auction process, buyers left feedback on my auction profile after reading my ebook. I figured that if they had been displeased with the ebook or thought it didn’t live up to what I said it was, they would have left me negative feedback. Instead, the response was 100% completely positive. The following is what they said about the ebook (the spelling errors are all theirs):

  • Positive: A “MUST” for anyone learning a foreign language! Fast delivery. A*****
  • Positive: Item exactly as described; great info in eBook A++ overall
  • Positive: Great Ebook, a must for those learning languages! A+++
  • Positive: Great information to see before you purchase any program.
  • Positive: Great product, great infomation
  • Positive: Great E-Book! Very inspiring! Can’t wait to get started! Thanks!
  • Positive: Quick delivery. A worthwhile investment for anyone searching for the best way.
  • Positive: Good information. Very helpful. A real time saver. A+
  • Positive: As described and useful….thanks!
  • Positive: Good info.
  • Positive: Document came fast and is easy and clear to read. A++++
  • Positive: Great Item. Very Helpful. Quick Delivery! Highly Recommended!!!
  • Positive: AAA Just as listed, Excellent workmanship, AAA
  • Positive: Swift delivery! Most pleased with the content of material.
  • Positive: A very patient, decent and trustworthy business peson. Good to do business with
  • Positive: A++ Excellent transaction item as promised & shipped immediately, Thank you
  • Positive: Valuable info!
  • Positive: immediate receipt; good advice book
  • Positive: Fast delivery, as described, thanks!
  • Positive: Great seller
  • Positive: Excellent advise – well done!!! Very helpfull
  • Positive: Very interesting and useful for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language
  • Positive: Fast, as described. Thank you.
  • Positive: Excellent product, Excellent price-gives a roadmap to learning any language
  • Positive: Good communication, even answered extra questions for me. Thanks!!
  • Positive: A++ Thank You
  • Positive: Excellent service. Interesting ebook, makes a lot of sense. Would deal with again A+
  • Positive: Received promptly as described.
  • Positive: Very good service and communication, ebook is very informative. Thanks!
  • Positive: Exactly as advertised
  • Positive: Great transaction. Great book. Thanks.
  • Positive: good information. gave me some ideas I hadn’t thought of!
  • Positive: Some very good advice, Thank you !
  • Positive: good reading !
  • Positive: GREAT
  • Positive: Very good book makes you think
  • Positive: Very informative E-book… thanks!!…
  • Positive: Good, helpful advice. Worth reading…
  • Positive: item as described and delivered in a timely manner
  • Positive: Informative.Thanks.
  • Positive: Good Deal.
  • Positive: Quick response, product was completely as described.
  • Positive: A+ Thanks.
  • Positive: Best of the Best AAA+++
  • Positive: Awesome seller!! Just as described!! Shipped quick!! Mahalo!! AAA+++
  • Positive: Thank you!
  • Positive: Received immediately! Worth the price..learned lots of new stuff A+
…and many more but I think you get the idea.

I definitely want to buy this so I can learn what everyone else is discovering. How much does Learn That Language Now cost?

It’s very possible that I will raise the price of the ebook in the future. But, for now, I enjoy seeing smart people read my ebook, have the ideas click in their heads, and then succeed in learning languages faster than they ever thought possible. That’s why I encourage you to send me your success stories because I love reading about them. For this reason, I’m charging $19.97 for the generous, beneficial information that will save you hundreds of dollars and tens of hours of wasted study time. My friend still thinks I’m crazy but I want to see many more people succeed before I start raising the price.

What about those who didn’t purchase on eBay?

I know you’ve worked hard for your money, so let these testimonials that I received speak for themselves:

“Hello Rob, I can’t thank you enough for your book. I’ve barely gotten started it and already it has been worth the price. Before I even began reading your book I was intrigued by the points you had made about language learning in your ebay advertisement and by the questions you asked in this e-mail. I am very much into learning about the ‘mechanics’ of and motivations behind how we learn, as well as having an interest in languages. Thank you again, Rob, for sharing your hard won knowledge and experience with others. I will certainly spread the word about this resource to anyone I know that is interested in learning a new language.” – Debra Bartlett

“Robertson: Thanks for the quick response in getting your program to me. I’ve already read through it once. It makes a lot of sense to me and I’m going to apply your ideas in learning Italian. Thanks again for the very informative (and motivating) book! I’ll be adding my positive feedback to Ebay in a day or two when I return from a trip. Kind regards, Tom Dillon”

“Hi Robbie, Thank you very much for getting back with me so soon. Thank you so much for all your wonderful recommendations. I appreciate your help a lot. You make a lot of really good points. You know what…you’re awesome…I have enjoyed talking to you via e-mail. I’m going to take some time to think things through a bit but I may need to write back if I have more questions. Thank you for help and kindness. You’re a very nice person. Happy Holidays!” – Joy Scott

So, if you want to learn the tips, tricks, techniques and method that everyone else is raving about that will have you learning a foreign language faster, more efficiently and more enjoyable than ever before, do yourself a favor and invest intelligently in your language learning studies. To make things easier for you, for a limited time, I’m offering a 30-day trial. Simply buy the ebook and read it. If you find that you haven’t learned anything or want to return the ebook for any reason at all during the next week, simply e-mail me and I will refund your money in full with no questions asked and no hassles. That’s how confident I am in my ebook. Over 1000 people have already told me how happy they are with my ebook and I know that you will find the same results. Click below on “Buy Now” to begin learning languages faster than ever before ($19.97 + no shipping). After receipt of payment, you will be re-directed to the download page. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at any time. I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Download Now Using Paypal’s Safe and Secure Payment system:

LTLN eBookLearn That Language Now – Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently. – $19.97

Now including the LTLN 30 Day Challenge – absolutely free!

Total Price = $19.97


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