Reasons Why Learning A Foreign Language Is Helpful

I was recently asked for some reasons why learning a foreign language might be helpful. Let’s go over a few of these reasons of the benefits of studying a new language.

First, in terms of business or job prospects, knowing a foreign language can open doors for you. It can get you a better job or get you a better paying job. If you work for a large company, it may offer you the ability to travel abroad on business or obtain other added privledges. Economically speaking, you can reap great rewards if you market your language skills.

Your personal life will also receive a boost if you learn a new language. You essentially can enter a new world of entertainment including access to books, magazines, movies, television programs, radio, etc. All of these things will become available to you in the foreign language that you choose to study. Also, you will be able to make new friends and meet people that you otherwise would have never had the chance to speak to. You also get the opportunity to travel to a new country and culture and enjoy yourself at a level you would not have been able to had you only know your native language.

Studying a foreign language also has been shown to have some medical benefits, as well. It’s been found that knowing another language can prevent diseases like alzheimer’s and dementia. Also, the process of studying a foreign language gives your brain a good work out and can prevent the loss of cognitive ability as you grow older. It will keep your wits sharp!

So, I think these three realms, business, personal and medical are all included in reasons for why learning a foreign language can be helpful. If you’re thinking about learning a new language, these are all good reasons to use for motivation.

Thanks for reading!

– Robbie

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