Success 302 – The Habit

by Robbie Kunz

The real success comes by making your studies a daily habit. If you make it your goal to study each and every day, there is no way that you will not make progress. Eventually after you’ve fallen into a groove of studying, you will look back and be amazed at the progress you have made.

If you focus on only the end goal of being fluent, you will feel discouraged each day by the feeling that you are not making any progress at all. Since progress occurs in such slight increments, it will seem as if you will never reach the goal of being fluent.

If, however, you commit yourself to a habit rather than to a goal of becoming “fluent”, you won’t be bothered by wherever you may be at a particular time in your learning and you will one day awake to find that you have made a good deal of progress.

Another way to get language learning in each day is to eliminate any barriers to seeing or hearing it. For example, you might consider changing your homepage that opens every time you open your internet browser from an English one to one in your desired language.

A news site or a site about one of your interests would be perfect. That way, every time you start to surf the Internet, you’ll be presented with your foreign language. Even if you scan the headlines of the news site and become curious about only one word there, you can consider this a success which has helped you. If you hadn’t had your homepage set up this way, you would have simply started surfing the internet and would have never come across this word and thus wouldn’t have furthered your studies in the language.

Also by having this page in the foreign language come up, it reminds you every day that you should be studying and furthering your knowledge in the language. The different non-changing material that shows up on the page will also provide a repetition effect and allow you to learn those words. A news site might have words like “Weather” or “Sports” for the headings which you will quickly pick up and learn.

This also provides a good way to keep up with news in the various countries that speak the language you are studying and provides the chance that you might become curious about a certain article and read it. This will also add more time in the foreign language that you might not have had if you had not used the home page in your foreign language.

Likewise, there are many other ways to help bring the foreign language into your life without actively seeking it out. If there is a TV station in your area that features content in the language you are studying, you might want to consider setting up your TV so that it turns on to that station every time.

If there are any radio stations in your area for the foreign language, you might want to set your alarm clock to that station so that you’ll hear the talk show when you wake up.

Buying books or magazines in the foreign language and setting them out on your table where you eat or rest will also reduce the barriers to you actively seeking out the language to study.

There are many ways you can lessen the barrier between getting to the language. Each time you have the language come up for you, you will spend more time in the language and have more of a chance that you’ll become interested and do a little “studying” of it right there on the spot.

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