Summer Is Already Here! Cruise Destinations: Which One Is For You?

By: Mariana Souza

When planning a cruise trip, there are many factors to consider, such as budget and the destination. Some people prefer going to paradisiac beaches, while others like multi-cultural cities better. With that in mind, let’s explore the options!

Cruises provide great holidays to anyone: families, college friends, elders. Unless you are really afraid of the sea or get nauseated quickly, then you won’t have problems. Cruises are very versatile because they allow the traveler to have family getaways in the Bahamas, or to explore the waters of the Indian Ocean during an exotic trip. Also, depending on the company, cruises can end up being really budget-friendly.

Another reason to go on a cruise is that it gives you the opportunity of going to multiple countries/cities in the length of a week or two, while providing the comfort of a really nice hotel with “free” food 24/7… a characteristic you might not find while backpacking.

Where To Go:

• If your goal is relaxing regardless of the itinerary, then the Caribbean is for you. Beautiful beaches, lots of fun and really calm waters. Perhaps the best option for all ages and tastes. Amongst the most renowned cruise lines, there are Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises.

• Europe is an excellent destination, however I do not recommend it for families with small kids. They will definitely enjoy the ship and all the leisure activities, but the ports probably won’t call their attention. But if your kids or siblings won’t mind going for a cultural tour learning about the ruins of Athens, then give it a try!

One of my favourite destinations is the Mediterranean during summer. Three years ago I embarked in the port of Civitavecchia, Italy, and sailed to Israel (Holy Land Experience with Celebrity Cruises). The ship infrastructure and the itinerary were amazing, and the people I met there are still my friends. Totally worth it!

• Even though I have never been on a cruise around Asia, it seems interesting. The negative aspect is the high prices. Nevertheless, if money isn’t an issue for you, I don’t think you will regret it… However, remember that many of the famous Asian sightseeing sites are not near the ports. Therefore, unless you don’t mind missing them or staying longer in (or going back to) the continent to explore those places, then you should reconsider if a cruise around Asia is your best option. You would still go to places such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines!

• Sailing through Cape Horn in South America is a terrifying yet incredible experience. And most of the cruise itineraries include stops in the Falkland Islands and Ushuaia. The landscape is mind-blowing. And if you are lucky enough (don’t rely on that though), you might even see the Aurora Australis.

• How does island-hopping via plane sound to you? Exhausting, to say the least. In the Aloha State, no one should have to worry about airports, packing, and all the time-consuming aspects of traveling. And if you are worried about the pricy airfares to Hawaii, then don’t worry! Ships also depart from Los Angeles, CA. Practice your hula, pack your sandals, grab your ukulele and enjoy!

If cruises interest you, but you are an engaged explorer looking for something more adventurous or exotic, then you should check National Geographic’s expeditions! https://www.expeditions.com/about-us/natgeo-partnership/

For any kind of trip, always devote your time to planning ahead! Cruise lines often offer unbelievable deals if you book 6+ months earlier. Some of the discounts include paying for 3 guests, and the fourth goes for free. Holidays’ deals can’t get much better than that! Also, when you travel more than once with a single cruise company, you can accumulate points that give advantages on your next trips, such as an upgraded cabin.

That’s it for now! Some of the places and things to consider when going on a cruise! But don’t limit yourself to this list! Earth has much more to offer you! Plus, the locations discussed above can also be applied to road-trips, and so on. That being said, always look for adventures that will satisfy your personal desires!

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