The Prehistoric Monument Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England and Roman Baths in the City of Bath, England

By: Christina Gencarelli

London isn’t the only place to visit when you are in England. There are many other places to go that cater to people visiting England, and they are quite relaxing and interesting. One would be to go to the Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.

Did you know that the Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world? It is also one of the most popular prehistoric sites in the world. It is possible that it could have been an ancient Roman temple in the medieval times. Stonehenge was first built in 3000BC! It’s quite amazing that something so old and ancient can still be standing today. It goes to show people that some monuments can be timeless.



Another place to visit that isn’t too far from the Stonehenge is the Roman Baths in the city of Bath in England. Did you know that the Roman Baths are around two thousand years old? They are still functioning properly as well.

It was a site for public bathing long ago when the Romans invaded parts of Britain, they discovered the baths that were originally built by the Celtic people. Not only are there the beautiful Roman baths, there is also a museum filled with ancient artifacts that were originally found in the baths.

A lot of people threw in ancient money to be dedicated to the Roman goddess Sulis. There is much to see when you go to Bath and also the architecture of the building there is very detailed and artistic. It is an outstanding sight to see.

When you are hungry in Bath there are plenty of shops for tourists as well as great cafes to stop in. Britain isn’t really known for its cuisine, but if you go to the city of Bath you must try what is called a Cornish pasty, or just any pasty. It’s basically like eating a calzone except instead of cheese inside there are all sorts of things, like meat and vegetables.

The Cornish pasty tastes great and it’s easy to eat on the go. It’s kind of like having a stew inside of a pastry. It’s really good. They were originally made in Cornwall, England.

The pasty is a perfect meal and it’s a very comforting food to eat, especially on a rainy day. There are an abundance of places to visit in England. Next time you find yourself abroad, try something new, and discover something ancient!

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