Top 5 Free Resources To Learn Spanish

If you’re interested in learning Spanish, you should know that there is a great wealth of Spanish material on the Internet for you to use to improve your Spanish abilities. Here are the top five Spanish learning resources.

Wordreference Spanish-English English-Spanish Dictionary

I have used the wordreference online Spanish dictionary for years. It always gives good translations of words and the site is nice and concise. Furthermore, if there is an unusual word that you look up, like some Spanish slang, even if it’s not in a standard dictionary, chances are someone has translated it in the wordreference forums which will come up when you search. This way, you not only have access to the Spanish dictionary on the site but also the knowledge of Spanish speakers around the world.

Study Spanish Grammar Explanations

This is a great site for Spanish grammar. If you need to review a certain point in Spanish like the subjunctive case or want to learn something new, this is the place to go. It has clean definitions and a lot of Spanish sentence examples for you. The site covers pretty much every topic you will come across in your studies.


Skype can be a great tool for finding and making Spanish speaking friends around the world. It originally started as an online voice chat tool but can be used easily to find Spanish speaking people around the world who are interested in making conversation. Through Skype, you can easily improve your Spanish by talking to native Spanish speakers at any time of the day. The best part is, if you don’t like the person you are talking to, there are always plenty more Spanish speakers on Skype at any time!

Free Spanish Radio Online

You can now listen to native Spanish radio online at any time. This site has links to over 600 Spanish language online radios categorized by country! This is a great way to get your Spanish listening comprehension up. Also, you can turn it on and leave it on in the background as you do your normal browsing. That way, you can practice your Spanish at the same time that you do everything else online! Online Spanish radio is a great way to passively practice your Spanish listening abilities while also enjoying programs from Spanish speaking countries.

Free Spanish TV Online

If you’re interested in getting visuals, as well, then Spanish television online might be for you. You can access this Spanish television at any time and begin practicing your Spanish comprehension immediately! You can get a taste of each country’s television culture and see visuals that will help you understand the Spanish being used. This is a great way to learn Spanish while also doing something enjoyable at the same time.

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  1. I went to Spain to try to learn spanish, and it didnt go to well. I should have invested the time into an online spanish course as the one above. I think if I would have done that I would have learned 10 times more.

  2. As complementary material, you can check some free video lessons at:

  3. The likelyhood of being successful in learning the spanish language is actually rather great.

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