Staying in Rio de Janeiro isn’t the cheapest thing. Hotels have pretty high fares and hostels are not very common in our culture. Renting for less than a month or more is an option. Besides the prices that can be a rip off sometimes, accommodations for tourists in Rio are well located and provide clean comfortable rooms.


Check this map for some options.



If you don’t want to worry about the location or how good your hotel is, just book one that is at the beach or near big avenues (such as Av. das Américas). Avoid anything in the North Zone, and places such as Linha Amarela, Linha Vermelha and Av. Brasil. I highly recommend checking TripAdvisor Rio de Janeiro Hotels to check prices and if there are available rooms at the hotel you want. Just search carefully if the hotel has that 180°view to the beach you’ve been dreaming of for months, and enjoy your stay!


I am completely an amateur when talking about hostels. However, if you are really considering this cheaper option, I suggest you check here and here for ideas. Take time researching to avoid unpleasant situations and bad locations.


Renting an apartment or a house in Rio is quite easy. If you are planning to stay here for over a month, mind that you might need a fiador or guarantor. Listed below, there are some websites that you should take a look:


Rio Exclusive

Where In Rio

Rio Apartments

Rio Loft

Homes In Rio

Alugue Temporada (in portuguese)

Classificados do Rio (price is per month) (The first word refers to the neighbourhood, you can filter the results)



Vocabulary needed when searching in websites in Portuguese:



Casa = house

Apartamento = apartment/flat

Amplo = wide

Sala = living/dining room

Quarto = bedroom

Cozinha = kitchen

Banheiro = restroom

Piso(s) = floor(s)

Área de Serviço = service area (laundry)


Qto. de Empregada = maid’s room (very common here)

Varanda = balcony

Garagem = parking

Vista = view

(Taxa de) Condomínio = a tax for the conservation of the infrastructure of the building/condominium.

Cobertura = Penthouse

Próximo = near


Neighbourhoods to consider: Barra da Tijuca (including Joatinga), Recreio, São Conrado, Gávea, Lagoa, Jardim Botânico, Leblon, Ipanema, Arpoador, Copacabana, Botafogo, Laranjeiras, Urca, Humaitá.

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