Flights and Airfare

Flights And Airfares

To book flights to Rio de Janeiro, I recommend checking your favourite airline. Since there are flights to Rio from all over the world, you won’t have a hard time booking one.

From Europe: I personally suggest British Airways, Air France, KLM and Lufthansa. I don’t really like TAP Portugal and Iberia; sometimes they can be cheaper, but the other companies usually have good deals and a much better service.

From the US: choose the company you feel most comfortable in. I’ve never caught one good flight from Brazil to the US, or returning home. So go with your personal taste! Perhaps I have bad luck.

From Oceania: Australian friends have told me that the best airline is Emirates. But you can also get here through the Chilean LAN (connection in Santiago) and Aerolíneas Argentinas (connection in Buenos Aires). I don’t know of any direct flights to Rio, considering the long distance. Emirates may have connections in Dubai, a few European capitals, or Buenos Aires. Also, traveling above the Pacific takes less time than going westwards.

Saving Costs

Everything in Rio de Janeiro is much more expensive during Carnaval. If you don’t care about this festivity, just avoid coming 40 days before Easter.

Plan and book ahead and you will save lots of money! You can often find REALLY good deals from Miami, Orlando, New York, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon and London.

Which Season

Rio’s weather is pretty much the same throughout the whole year. Hot days and fresh nights. Although it is quite unpredictable.

Summer is kind of surreal. One day is extremely hot and the next one is pouring. There are always random days in which the temperature goes up to 47° C (116° Fahrenheit), and it feels like 50° C in some neighbourhoods). Or it can go over a month without raining, and then we get almost a full month of non-stop rain.

Winters have the perfect temperature (25° C – 15° C). However, there are less daylight hours, and the ocean is much colder. Like, freezing.

Also, don’t trust our rain/dry seasons. They never do what they are supposed to.

If you are the kind of person that does not like to rely on the weather, come from October to December. It can get pretty hot, but it doesn’t rain a lot. Or at least, it shouldn’t. And since we are talking about rain, it is the law of the Universe that it will rain on January 1st, during Carnaval, and on my birthday. I am not even kidding.

Just come whenever!!

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