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Shibuya Crossing

Believe it or not, this is a street intersection!

When I was a student at the prestigious Keio University, the route from my dorm to campus on the train line ran through Shibuya. They sold special monthly discount tickets for students so I could have unlimited trips in between my dorm and campus. Since Shibuya just happened to be along the way, you can bet I took full advantage of many free extracurricular trips to this location.

I really like Shibuya. Unlike Roppongi, it has a clean feel to it during the night time. During the day, it is host to the largest amount of people crossing an intersection at one time in the world. It is a great place to people watch, especially from the upper level windows of the Starbucks across the intersection from the train station.

Hachiko also lives here, the faithful dog who waited for his master even long after his master died, turned into a commemorative statute. He is still waiting just outside the station before the giant crossing. Many people come here to rub his nose for good luck. You can even see it’s polished compared to the rest of his body.

There is a great number of stores to go shopping and many tasty restaurants. At night, there are many popular clubs. It is one of the hipper places to be. It tends to attract a younger crowd and a less foreign one than Roppongi.


Even in Japan, they celebrate Christmas at the clubs.

Roppongi is well known for its night life. It is full of dance clubs and bars. The crowd is a little bit older than Shibuya and there are a lot more foreigners. If one is asked where to party in Tokyo, “Roppongi” is usually the reply. Many of the bars and clubs cater specifically to foreigners. Africans line the street and will accost you to get you into their bars or strip clubs.

During the day, it’s a pretty nice area with a good amount of restaurants. It is located right next to Roppongi Hills which is an expensive district and hosts the impressive “Mori Tower” which hosts many foreign financial companies.

Overall, despite recent upscale additions to the area, Roppongi has been known for decades as a place for nightlife and play. It has rightfully earned the title of “party district” in Tokyo.


You can find some clubs and bars here, as well. What this section of the city is really known for, however, is the host and hostess bars. You might say that Kabukicho which is one of the prominent areas here is the red light district of Tokyo.

Also, the gay district of the city is located in Shinjuku 2-chome.


If you are a self-proclaimed otaku, this is your playground. This area abounds with video games, anime, electronics and more. You can find a large array of shops selling anime as well as video arcades where you can get your game on.

Also, there are a great number of maid cafes in Akihabara where you can have food served by a girl dressed up as a maid. If you pay enough money, you can even play a game with a maid or take a photograph.

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