cherry blossoms tokyo
Cherry blossoms are famous in Tokyo

Flights and Airfares

To book your flight to Tokyo, Japan, first go to: — this site is great because it allows you to search multiple days if you are flexible and searches pretty much every possibility of flights. It is the most thorough site around.

Saving on Costs

If you can choose the time you go to Japan, you can save on airfare by travelling outside the peak seasons which are Christmas and New Year’s but specific to Japanese culture are Golden Week (end of April through beginning of May) and the summer, specifically July and August.

Which Season

You might want to avoid the summer months anyway because it gets very hot and humid in Tokyo during that time. Fall season can be one of the best times to travel because it is quietest and the temperature is nice. During the winter, it does get cold enough to snow but usually there are only a few days per winter when this occurs. Spring is good weather-wise but is also a popular time to travel. If you do travel during the Spring, you may be able to catch the cherry blossoms which are absolutely beautiful.

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