What Personality Type Learns Languages The Easiest?

I was asked, what personality type learns languages the easiest? In my studies, I’ve come across perhaps tens of thousands of other language students so I’ve noticed some trends.

I think probably the most important thing to have in one’s personality when dealing with learning a new language is the ability to keep with a task. The truth is that learning a language is a long road to fluency and requires a good bit of work and study. For this reason, people who easily give up or who like to move on to a new task fairly quickly usually grow bored of language study since it takes such a long time.

I think though that even given the type of personality I just described, one that gets bored easily, it is still possible to learn a new language as long as you make the process a fun one. If all you do is study boring textbooks, you are likely to grow bored yourself. However, if you study things that you already enjoy like reading books or watching movies in a foreign language, you will be able to stay interested and learn the language at the same time!

For this reason, I’ve seen a wide variety of personality types succeed in language study. From people who are very academic-oriented who find language grammar and history interesting to people who love to go out and party and love making friends in their new language, all these people are able to succeed because they are able to make the language interesting to their own type of personality.

I think really the only problem comes in language learning when someone tries to force themselves to do something they really don’t want to do or to do something that is pretty boring like grammar exercises or read long, dry grammatical explanations.

As long as you can make foreign language learning fun to your own personality type, you should be set for success.

Thanks for reading!

– Robbie

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