What To Try When You’re in London, England

By: Christina Gencarelli

The City of London is one of the biggest cities in the world! Located on the island of Britain, if you ever catch yourself standing in this enchanted place, then there are some little things that you need to try.

First, you have to follow the British tradition of having an afternoon “high tea”. It sounds funny, right? It’s actually a very relaxing thing that Brits do on a daily basis. Every afternoon at four pm to be exact, everyone goes out to a local café and orders a cup of tea and generally sits outside to relax and drink their tea. It’s a very unwinding pastime. In Europe, the cultural ambiance and energy of the people is a lot different then, let’s say, New York and the East Coast of the US. It’s a lot more laidback in certain parts of Europe than it can be here in the States. That’s why a lot of people like to vacation there.

Then you have to try what’s called the “traditional English Breakfast”. It’s very simple to an Irish breakfast and consists of a pan fried egg, hash browns, baked beans, bacon, sausage, and a piece of buttered toast. Any time you go to London or just Britain in general, you have to try it. This dish is a very hearty breakfast so it will fill you up. The best way to have this meal is with a cup of English breakfast tea, which you generally don’t have to ask for. Just ask for a cup of tea with it and make sure you ask for milk and sugar on the side. It’s very British to drink your tea with milk and it tastes really good. Do things that are different when you travel!

If you are of age, and by the way the legal drinking age in London is eighteen, then there is a classic pub drink that you have to try! If you like a refreshing summer drink, order what’s called the “Pimms cup” or you can just say “I’ll have a Pimms, please!”  It’s a British liquor that has a sweet taste to it. It is mixed with lemonade, strawberries, a lime slice, an orange slice, mint and ice. It’s refreshing and delicious and if you like fruit then you’ll like it. If you’re not into fruity mixed drinks, then you can have a pint of local ale, but be warned; their beer isn’t as cold and refreshing as the states. That is one stereotype the Brits have.

Use public transportation for traveling! The tube (also known as the underground) is literally one of the most efficient ways to travel in London. You’re bound to experience culture shock because the traffic system is backwards there. The cars steering wheel is on the right side, and the lanes are switched. The tube is so easy to use and more practical then driving, but if you dare to drive then do it, it might be fun. The lines of the tube are color coated and there are tube maps everywhere so you can’t get lost. If you do, then you just switch lines. It is also very clean on the tube, and generally in London, most places are fairly clean and easily accessible by the tube. The bus is also exciting because it’s a double Decker bus, so there are two floors and the ride is fun and the sightseeing is even better, and it’s cheaper then going on a tour!

There are loads of things to do if you are in the huge city of London, stay tuned for more about Britain in my next article.

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