Why I Want To Go To Tokyo

I am drawn to the energy that pervades Tokyo. It is a type of hustle and bustle that does not rob me of my energy like many crowded situations often do. While in Tokyo, I can blend into the crowded streets and enjoy being carried along with the liveliness.

There are certain advantages Tokyo has over other large cities. It is clean, has a low crime rate and possesses a beautiful public train transportation system. I can get wherever I want to go simply by stepping on an ever on-time train. The clean city and low crime rate mean I can wander about however I please.

I have many fond memories of stepping out alone or in groups to travel the city. There is an energy that hovers above the streets and I want to make a trip to recapture the energy and wandering that I enjoy so much.

The people in Tokyo are kind and willing to make great accommodations. It is not an “every man for himself” society. People in all regards look out for you and make sure you are comfortable. For this reason, my social anxiety is greatly reduced when I am in Tokyo despite it being a large bustling city. Even my grandfather on his trip with me to Tokyo remarked that I seemed much calmer there than in the United States.

There are also many activities I can participate in that I enjoy very much like karaoke. I love to go out with my friends and get a private room to sing in. I also enjoy going to the clubs in Tokyo where people respectfully dance. The izakaya (pubs) are delicious and you can order many small plates of food to share with your friends.

Speaking of delicious food, Tokyo has much of it. I love having my favorite Japanese food katsudon as well as eating off of the conveyer belt at sushi restaurants. I enjoy the different noodles like ramen and soba. Additionally, the Japanese version of curry is delectable especially when I get the katsudon version of it.

I enjoy using my Japanese language abilities there. I get to speak and use Japanese in a very real setting. I love buying the weekly manga magazines (comic books) from the conbini (convenience stores) and reading the stories in the original Japanese text. The stories, bustling streets and energy all flow together to give me an enjoyment I cannot quite capture in the United States.

At the same time, I experience the freedom of being a foreigner. I can act and do as I please since the local population will simply write it off as me “being a foreigner.” There is also a wide variety of interesting “foreigners” in Tokyo and some amazing people to meet. I enjoy the freedom being a “foreigner” allows me.

I could easily spend many months wandering, taking photographs, reading manga magazines, observing the people, enjoying nights out and more.

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