Why Should You Travel? 10 Great Reasons

By: Nikita Mandhani

There’s a secret beauty in the world that lies outside our domain. It lets us enter into it, then it crosses our threshold and touches our spirits, energizes our subsistence and builds memories that become the most striking parts of our life. Then there comes a day when we won’t really know which of these parts holds more splendor. Travelling does that to your existence, all the time. You know why? Just because:

  1. Travelling is totally the right thing to do. It’s one thing we are here in this world for. You don’t believe me? Just reflect on your life minus every single bit of travelling you have done till date. Yes, every bit of it. Now, see, are you the same person?
  2. Travelling helps you widen your horizons. It’s one of those things that brings you closer to God, nature, subsistence, beauty, ecstasy and reality. It’s not about looking at the pictures of places all around the world; it’s more about feeling the air, the truth, the mystery.
  3. It’s invigorating. It would give you that nudge from the inside to make you feel free, liberated, and existent. It revives your spirit, lets you see stuff that’s, oh! so new, for your little psyche.
  4. It tints your life with experiences that fulfill your idea of being. Our life needs these bouts of encounters when you meet other people, having the same flesh and blood as you but you see how singular they still are. Ask an American how she feels when she visits India or Africa and lives with the people there. You get to come across life from an overall different perspective.
  5. When you travel a lot, you’re actually one of those clued-up, intellectual people in the group. You know so much more than the others. You’ve not learnt this stuff by heart; you’ve felt it, been there, done that. Damn! That makes you cool (not that I am not already ‘cool’ but the more the merrier).
  6. You learn to be on your own. When you’re travelling too much, you actually can’t always expect someone to accompany you. I have rarely read about travelers who haven’t done a good amount of solo travelling. They become so much more independent and strong. Emotions do not stop them from living life to its core. They become who they are.
  7. You get to eat some of the most remarkable food that other people can only dream of. That’s one incredible benefit that travelling brings with itself. You cannot eat real Italian pasta in Istanbul. You cannot get to taste the authentic Tandoori Chicken in America. So, do you love to eat? You ought to love to travel.
  8. Travelling helps you become skilful. Travelers eventually learn how to swim and ride a bicycle. They learn bits of other languages and some wonderful delicacies to cook. They learn to sing and dance. They learn to live in the extreme cold and also in the hot arid deserts. It makes one so accommodating! No adjustment problems!
  9. It makes you social. Don’t worry about travelling alone or with people; if you’re a frequent traveller, you already have a whole lot of friends all over. You start opening up even if you were the shy quiet rabbit in school. You talk, share stories, take them in and chill. Yes! Chill!
  10. Travelling gives you the kind of smiles you’d never have imagined. It makes you grin. It makes you laugh. It tells you that the world and its people are beautiful. It makes you realize that God has been too kind to you. I told you, its enlightening, in an altogether different way. It sparks creativity. It gives birth to painters, writers, photographers, artists and human beings. Yes, travelling makes you human!

Go get a backpack and set off. This is the time!

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