Will Rosetta Stone Make You Fluent In A Language?

Before buying Rosetta Stone, many people wonder how far Rosetta Stone will actually take them in achieving fluency in a foreign language. Of course, this is an important question to ask since one usually wants to reach a high level of proficiency in a language and Rosetta Stone supposedly takes you to that point as quickly as possible. So, is it true? Will Rosetta Stone make you fluent in a language?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Rosetta Stone will not make you fluent in a foreign language. Rosetta Stone simply does not teach nearly enough vocabulary to get you fluent. Using Rosetta Stone, you will reach a very basic proficiency. You will be able to make simple conversation and get the gist of most things going on, assuming you go through every level of Rosetta Stone (which is quite expensive!)

Also, Rosetta Stone does not teach nearly enough grammar structure either. Many grammar points are not even yet included in the Rosetta Stone program so the truth is, you will have a lot of outside studying to do to make up for this lack of grammar if you plan on reaching a high level of proficiency in your target language.

The bottom line is that Rosetta Stone is a nice piece of software in its interactivity and an interesting way to use the computer to help you learn a new language but it will not get you anywhere close to being “fluent” in a foreign language. In order to reach fluency, you will need to do a lot of studying outside of Rosetta Stone. For this reason, many people question the cost of the Rosetta Stone software since it is so expensive yet does not actually teach you that much.

So, if Rosetta Stone isn’t the answer to reaching fluency, then what is? If you’re interested in becoming fluent in a foreign language as quickly and as efficiently as possible, I highly suggest taking a look at the book I’ve written that covers these topics in depth or the other articles and free tips in my site.

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  1. It is funny that you write this as I just wrote the same question on my blog. Does Rosetta teach you to learn a language? I think no. I think to learn a language you need a lot more vocabulary and need to really understand more than what is presented in Rosetta Stone software.

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